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Retro-style clothing is very popular this year, and acid washed and distressed styles are the most popular.

Many customers come to us to inquire about the washing and distressing process. Today I will give you a brief introduction.
The washed distressing process, also called the pickling process, is a process in which special fabrics are processed with special potions.
1. Acid washing must be done as a garment, so that the seams and corners can be washed to produce a natural aged effect.
2. Acid washing has special requirements for fabrics. Not all fabrics can be pickled, including collars and the entire garment.
3. After pickling, the texture of the clothes will become softer and feel very comfortable to the touch.
4. For pickling, the pattern can be adjusted through techniques and potion concentration. You can also choose the lightness or severity. Remember to ask for the color card before placing an order.
5. Except for embroidery, it must be acid washed before printing, otherwise the printing effect may be affected.
6. It is best to use darker colors for the pickling process. Light colors may not necessarily have the best effect.

acid wash

Post time: Nov-14-2023