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What is tie-dye?
Tie-dyeing is a unique traditional dyeing process in China. Modern tie-dyeing uses digital processing technology to create richer art forms and increase the visual effect of fabrics. The hand tie-dye process is very simple and full of imagination. From research to production, each piece is a unique work of art.

The characteristics of tie-dye.
Tie-dye elements are favored and sought after by all young people. Clothes with tie-dye effect have a strong visual sense and a more layered sense. Each tie-dye has a unique style, which greatly meets the needs of pursuing individuality. Highlight the characteristics of the tie-dye color and the expressiveness of personality, and at the same time integrate with the overall image.

Leebol uses 100% cotton fabric to make tie-dye T-shirts, which makes customers feel that the fabric is soft and not easy to wrinkle. The relaxed fit and dropped shoulders of this T-shirt offer a relaxed, effortless feel and added breathability for summer. Leebol offers a tie-dye service that enables our customers to design personalized garments, including bespoke garments.

Post time: Apr-22-2023