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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!  
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  • Instructions of Acid Wash Process

    Retro-style clothing is very popular this year, and acid washed and distressed styles are the most popular. Many customers come to us to inquire about the washing and distressing process. Today I will give you a brief introduction. The washed distressing process, also called the pickling process,...
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  • Acid Wash Trend

    The acid wash refers to a style of clothing that has been treated with acid or bleach to create a distinctive, faded appearance. Acid wash originally gained popularity in the 1980s and has made a comeback in recent years. It is particularly associated with denim, such as acid wash jeans and jack...
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  • Invitation to China Clothing Textile Accessories EXPO

    Event: China Clothing Textile Accessories EXPO Date: November 21-23, 2023 Venue: Australia. Melbourne Exhibition Center MCEC Booth Number: T11 China Clothing Textile Accessories Expo is a renowned event in the fashion industry that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and buy...
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  • Why do more clients choose organic cotton?

    Organic cotton offers several benefits compared to conventional cotton: Environmentally friendly: Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified seeds. This reduces the environmental impact of cotton cultivation, protects soil quality, and co...
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  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Green environmental protection has become a global consensus. Words such as “sustainable”, “environmentally friendly”, “biodegradable”, “zero waste”, “renewable”, “organic”, and “reusable”...
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  • The 133rd Canton Fair- Leebol Garment

    The 133rd Canton Fair- Leebol Garment

    The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with a large scale, a variety of varieties, and a large number of merchants, which promotes product exports. The exhibitors, exhibit layout and transaction scale of this Canton Fair have undergone great changes, but the only constant i...
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  • What Is Organic Cotton?

    What Is Organic Cotton?

    What is Organic cotton? Organic cotton has no pollution in the production process, does not use chemicals, and maintains a green ecological environment. The fabric made of organic cotton is soft to the touch and has good resilience, which can relieve allergy symptoms and skin discomfort caused ...
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  • What Is Tie-Dye?

    What Is Tie-Dye?

    What is tie-dye? Tie-dyeing is a unique traditional dyeing process in China. Modern tie-dyeing uses digital processing technology to create richer art forms and increase the visual effect of fabrics. The hand tie-dye process is very simple and full of imagination. From research to production, eac...
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  • What Is The Difference Between Printing And Embroidery?

    What Is The Difference Between Printing And Embroidery?

    The difference between printing and embroidery To add logos and other designs to garments, embroidery and prints are the two main options. Both options produce a high-quality product, but they each have pros and cons. Cost-effectiveness will depend on many factors, including the complexity of th...
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  • What Is Ebroidery?

    What Is Ebroidery?

    What Is Embroidery? Embroidery is a decorative art that uses fabric, needle and thread to add texture and decoration. Embroidery used to be done by hand, but now embroidery can be sewn by machine. Hand embroidery is still the hardest embroidery because it requires a lot of application and is very...
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  • Sustainable Development-Linen

    Sustainable Development-Linen

    Sustainable fabrics include organic cotton and linen, as well as recyclable polyester, waterproof and breathable fiber. The most popular linen is summer clothing, woven with cotton and marijuana materials. Leebol have used 100%cotton, organic cotton, 80%cotton 20%polyester, 100%polyester in singl...
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